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Restoring Respect Project

Founded on the values of restorative justice,
including power-sharing and involvement in decision-making,
the RRP project has worked with the migrant community to pioneer an educational platform and mobile application tailored to the suit needs, and realities faced by refugees and migrants across Europe.


The RRP E-Book

The e-book features content that refers to the Development of the Refugees
& Migrants Labour Skills Ecosyste and Mapping Methodological Framework of partner countries.
Corrisponding to the Intellectual Output 1 of the project, also published by RJ4All Publications.

Download the documents

Download E-Course Mobile Application

The International Conference will present the findings from the “Restoring Respect Project” and other two Erasmus+ project on four key overlapping challenges:

• Gender-based violence in the context of young people • Mental health, restorative art and violence

• Migrants’ integration and community cohesion • Racism, anti-semitism and hate crimes

It will present cutting-edge research by scholars from across the world in the format of workshop and plenaries.

For more info, please visit this link ︎︎︎


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