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The RRP E-Book

The RRP e-book refers to the Development of the Refugees & Migrants Labour Skills Ecosystem and Mapping Methodological Framework, and contains 5 National Reports and 1 EU comparative Report.

The purpose of this e-book is to map the needs of employers against prospective migrant and refugee workers over a range of areas.

This enables skills matching and a process by which organisations supporting the upskilling, and accreditation of migrant and refugee qualifications can become more streamline, to target the needs of employers.

This is one of our biggest outputs, allowing us to take into account the needs of our target groups at a local level, whilst directly involving migrants and refugees in the creation of RRP VET tools.

The e-book also serve as a reference point for our experts and field workers who can provide guidance on the development of a user-friendly training package for digital skills development.

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